It's more than organizing

              ...It's a state of being

About Sherry & the Path to Organizing

Professional OrganizerMy interest in organizing has been developing for several years and I became a member of National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) in 2014.

I started in IT where I held positions as business analyst, test coordinator and test execution manager in several large organizations for over 20 years.  In looking back I realized I had a natural inclination to organize.   And it saved my sanity more times than I can count.  Quite often I would be dropped into the middle of chaos and would instantly set about organizing it.  This inclination began to spill over into my home.

It started with the sock drawer.  Organizing my sock drawer produced amazing results:  an oasis in the desert, the calm after a storm.  Sounds corny but that small change gave me a sense of control and yes, joy.  And so started the journey of consciously organizing my home and my life.  From there it was a natural progression to helping others with their organizing needs.

Bringing order that brings you peace!

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